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Shivering:Puddlejump Camp

Shivering Isles: Places: Campsites
2 Zealots or Flesh Atronachs
Console Location Code(s)
Southeast of Split, southwest of Knifepoint Hollow
Puddlejump Camp

Puddlejump Camp is a campsite north of the Hill of Suicides containing Zealots.

The camp lies east of the unnamed path connecting Overlook Road and the Low Road, northeast of the Hill of Suicides. It is made up of three platforms, but only two are standing. The third is slightly east of the others, partially submerged in a lake and surrounded by overgrowing fungus trees, while the two standing platforms are connected by decking.

The first platform is a guarded by a leveled Zealot or Flesh Atronach and contains a minor loot chest, a table with three beer bottles and an open barrel with four Fungus Stalk samples. The second is similarly guarded and contains two bedrolls and a minor loot chest.

There is also an Obelisk of Order just slightly to the west of the campsite.