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Shivering:Grommok gro-Barak

Shivering Isles: People
Grommok gro-Barak
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Location Xedilian
Race Orc Gender Male
Level 1 Class Warrior
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Other Information
Health 10000 Magicka 75
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Xedilian Adventurers
Grommok gro-Barak in Xedilian
A Gnarl Problem

Grommok gro-Barak, an Orc warrior, is head of a group of adventurers - consisting of Syndelius Gatharian, Lewin Tilwald, and himself - who have turned their attentions to the Shivering Isles after having pillaged and plundered around Cyrodiil. They are the first to enter Xedilian after you have reactivated the Resonator of Judgment during quest Baiting the Trap. It was he who found Dawnfang/Duskfang in the ruins of Trumbe during one of his group's dungeon delvings. He is also the author of Grommok's Journal. As he reports in his journal, he dislikes Lewin quite strongly, who he blames of being incompetent and petulant. On the other hand, he admires Syndelius for his magical and historical knowledge.

He wears an almost complete set of orcish armor: cuirass, greaves, gauntlets and boots. He also carries brown shirt he never wears. In combat, he relies on an unenchanted version of Dawnfang, which will never change form.

He doesn't exist in-game before the related quest and you will first see him in Xedilian's gnarl chamber along with companions Lewin and Syndelius. When entering, he will caution his companions: "...now keep your weapons ready and watch your backs. Do what I say, and we might just get outta' here alive." Unlike his companions, he will randomly laugh at the dangers presented by the first chamber:

"Awwww.... ain't it cute!"
"This is supposed to scare us? Ha!"
"We should just kill this stupid tree and move on."
"Okay... this has to be a joke."

As soon as you press a button he will laugh: "What in Oblivion is that thing? Hahahaha!" and "What a joke! Let's be rid of this thing and continue on our way." If you unleash a horde of gnarls, he will shout: "Prepare yourselves for battle!" He will then draw his sword and fight off the creatures, although he doesn't manage to save Lewin. He is quite distraught seeing him dead: "Damn it! Lewin deserved better than this and I'm responsible. Someone will pay dearly, I assure you." If you decide to make the Breton go crazy, he will shout angrily while his companions attempt to flee: "Get back here, you cowards! Something's not right...." After the giant gnarl has disappeared, he will say "Wait... what's wrong with Lewin?" While Synderius urges him to leave he overrules him: "No. We'll pick him up on the way out. He must fend for himself."

Whichever decision you make, he and Syndelius continue to the next room: "Look! Haha! I told you! Treasure! Let's have at it, Syndelius." While they inspect the cage he will randomly mutter:

"Stupid rogue, just when we needed him!"
"Look at those jewels!"
"Can't you just wizard it open?"
"Bah. This place is beginning to bug me!"
"Bring it on... I'm ready."

Once you press a button, he will snarl: "Blast! The cage is locked." If you then decide to kill Syndelius, Grommok will ignore the mage's pleas for caution: "Ha! Let's see them stop me after I rip this gate from its hinges!" He will then be blasted off his feet when a trap goes off and kills his last companion. Realizing what he has done, he will be quite distressed: "Sorry Syndelius. I don't know who built this nightmare, but if I get my hands on them..." If you decide to tamper with the mage's mind he will be annoyed: "If only Lewin were here... he could get us through this in no time." However, he soon realizes the treasure is not worth it: "Forget it! This is obviously a trick! Let's get out of here." As Syndelius manically looks through the keys that have showered down, he will try to dissuade him: "Let's get out of here, Syndelius. This is obviously a trick to waste our time!" and "They're all fake! Just come with me now!" When he realizes there is nothing to do for the Dunmer, he leaves: "Bah! Suit yourself!"

Regardless of the button you press, he will make for the final chamber on his own. Upon arriving, he is presented with a ghastly scene of corpses and even he feels uncomfortable: "Steady, Grommok... steady. You've been through worse before. What more could this place possibly throw at you?" While looking around, he will randomly mutter:

"Only me left... fine. I'll show 'em."
"This place is giving me the creeps."
"If I find out who's running the show... there'll be hell to pay."
"Bring it on... I'm ready."
"How in Oblivion can I be dead?"

If you decide to raise the zombies to life, he will call at them: "What? The very dead rise in this accursed place? Very well, you'll not slay me without a fight! Have at you!" He will fight valiantly, but eventually the undead will succeed in taking him down. If you decide to evoke his ghost, he will suffer a confused out-of-this-world experience: "WHAT!? How in Oblivion can I be dead? This is impossible! Nothing killed me! I didn't even get a chance to fight! No chance to defend myself? No chance for battle? Why? Impossible! This is impossible... Grommok has never lost a fight! Never!" He will eventually succumb to madness, and will be found cowering in fits mumbling:

"Impossible! This is impossible!"
"I can't be dead. I just can't be!"
"No! This is all wrong! This isn't how it's supposed to be!"

If you choose this option, he will later relocate to a cage-room near the entrance of Xedilian; awaiting entrance in Sheogorath's realm.

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  • The ghost who may appear in the final chamber of Xedilian is a separate NPC: SEGrommokgroBarakGhosted. He is virtually identical in appearance to Grommok, exception made for his ethereal form.