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Crystal Tower
Type Tower
Continent Tamriel
Province Summerset Isles
Appears in Arena
The Crystal Tower
AR-mapicon-Crystal Tower.png

The Crystal Tower (also called the Crystal-Like-Law[1] or Lawful Crystal[2]) was an ancient, mystical structure located near the northern tip of Summerset Isle, northwest of Cloudrest. It was built by the early Aldmer as a monument to their ancestors, and was considered sacred to the Altmer. Before the construction of the Arcane University, it was the pinnacle of magical learning in Tamriel. The top of the Crystal Tower was reserved for interring the dead. The southernmost tips of the Dragon's Teeth Mountains of mainland Tamriel could be seen from the top parapet of the tower. The tower seemingly existed in many other planes of existence.[3] The interior of the tower was white and radiated light. It contained a Great Library and a treasury with many ancient tapestries and other relics.[4][5] The Crystal Tower was famed for its animal pens, which held many different creatures from all across Tamriel.[3]

I'ric Harad Egun was once the Archmagister of the tower. Tame trolls were employed as guards in the tower.[6] During the Imperial Simulacrum, Jagar Tharn hid a piece of the fractured Staff of Chaos within the tower. The Eternal Champion located the tower by recovering a magical diamond from the Temple of the Mad God. The diamond was the source of power for the Mages Guild of Lillandril, and with the diamond the guild was able to locate the tower. The Eternal Champion entered the tower and recovered the piece of the Staff of Chaos.[3] The tower was an early target for The Beautiful, but they failed to destroy it and moved on to easier targets.[5] During the Oblivion Crisis (known to the Altmer as the Great Anguish), refugees fled to the Crystal Tower to fortify against the Daedra hordes. The Daedra broke through the refugees' defenses and used magic to topple the tower.[1]

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