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The Lore Library is composed of book pages, all of which transclude transcripts of in-game books to the game namespace page where the content was originally entered, as well as any other namespaces for subsequent games where the writing made an appearance and the content was substantially unaltered. Books in a series have their own umbrella pages (see, e.g., Lore:A Dance in Fire). For the purposes of alphabetizing the lists of books, both initial articles ("a", "an", and "the") and cases are ignored. Symbols are sorted by Unicode code points; see here for the sort order.

What qualifies to be in the Lore Library?

The Oghma Infinium (Skyrim)

The Lore Library is not meant for each and every scrap of paper in every game, and no unofficial content (OOG) should ever appear here. For that, see The Imperial Library. Certain texts found outside of the games are permitted, provided they are of an official source, such as the official Bethesda website.

The Lore Library is for works of literature which substantially contribute to the goal of the Lore namespace: to provide an encyclopedia of accurate and verifiable information in The Elder Scrolls universe, separate from game-related details. There is no one easy answer for what new literature meets this criteria; which writings are added is decided in the months, and in some cases years, following their publication.

Factors include:

  • Title - Almost all full-fledged "books" are included in the Library. While the title is informative, it can sometimes be misleading (see, e.g., Lore:The Windhelm Letters and Lore:Charwich-Koniinge Letters), and other material besides these books may be admissible based on other factors.
  • Authorship - Any writings besides journals, notes and letters which have an acknowledged author/editor are likely lore material.
  • In-game Appearance - Determining whether a book's cover is hard, its size, its availability, its value, the use of fancy letters, etc., can clear up ambiguity for some writings.
  • Relevance - The determination whether the information contained in the writing is inherently or tangentially important to fulfilling the goal of the lore namespace. Many writings, even scrolls, can become part of the lore namespace for this reason (see, e.g., Lore:Cap'n Dugal's Journal, Lore:Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal and Lore:Agnar's Journal).
  • Game Specificity - The game-specific nature of the content of some writings can preclude it from Lore. Some books are excluded because they offer virtually nothing but game-specific information (for example, Skyrim:Whiterun Home Decorating Guide). However, editors may still cite to book pages in other namespaces if necessary (see, e.g., the citations to Skyrim:Kodlak's Journal on Lore:Companions).
  • Redundancy - Some writings which would otherwise qualify to be in the Lore are not included because some other work renders them redundant and unnecessary. For example, Skyrim:Adonato's Book is substantively identical to Lore:Olaf and the Dragon, so there's no point in adding it just for the unique title, and Skyrim:Songs of Skyrim is unnecessary in light of the more comprehensive Lore:Songs of Skyrim: Revised.

Images and Appearance

  • Some writings in TES games include "letter pics", or "fancy letters", which are pictures of a stylized letter that are put in the place of the first letter of the book, and possibly sections within the book (e.g., Skyrim:2920, First Seed, v3). The letter pics are subject to change in each new game, and some books already have multiple versions used (e.g., Oblivion:The Argonian Account, Book 1 and Skyrim:Argonian Account, Book 1). The current practice has been to omit the letter pics from the lore book pages where they have no special significance while still transcluding them to their applicable namespace(s) (e.g., Lore:The Argonian Account, Book 1). {{LetterPic}} is used to more easily display letter pics in their appropriate namespace.
  • All other pictures typically appear on the lore book page roughly how they first appeared alongside the text in the game(s) (for example, Lore:Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim).
  • The appearance of a book on a game namespace page should not be changed merely because the version in a new game has some minor differences. In this situation, both game namespace pages should appear as they did in their respective games, and the Lore page itself may take the best of both worlds by incorporating new info and improvements while omitting any typos introduced into the new versions of old text (see, e.g., the differences in the Daggerfall version preserved on Lore:Galerion the Mystic).

Official Texts

The following is a list of all lore-related texts in the library, and thier associated sources:

Sorted Lists

The texts on the following pages encompass in-game books, physical books and official website material.

  • Books by Subject — A master list of all lore-related texts, sorted by subject.
  • Books by Author — A master list of all mentioned authors and their works.


Lists of all lore-related texts that have appeared in specific Elder Scrolls games, sorted by subject.



Overview pages containing texts from various official websites.

Physical Texts

Official material that came packaged with copies of certain Elder Scrolls games.

Mentioned Texts

The following titles are mentioned in the games or other official material, but have yet to actually be featured (besides short excerpts, in some cases). All titles are linked to the texts or source that references them:

Some books are also present as contraband in Elder Scrolls Online.

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