Lore:Fort Frostmoth

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Fort Frostmoth
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Solstheim
Appears in Bloodmoon, Dragonborn
Fort Frostmoth circa 3E 427

Fort Frostmoth was the primary Imperial settlement on the south coast of Solstheim, in the Hirstaang Forest. It was established some time in the Third Era, after the Imperial discovery of the island. The fort acted as the area office of the East Empire Company, established on Solstheim to mine the rich deposits of ebony from Raven Rock, and was also the main link to Vvardenfell by way of Khuul. The fort was known among the legionnaires as a punishment detail, due partly to the unpleasant weather and partly due to the mead.

In 3E 427, during the fulfillment of the Bloodmoon Prophecy, the fort was attacked by werewolves sent by Hircine, who captured Captain Falx Carius to act as one of the Prey in the Hunt. The fort sustained heavy structural damage in the attack. Carius survived the ordeal and re-assumed command of the fort later that year.[1]

In 3E 433, the Nords of Skyrim attempted to capture the whole of Solstheim and remove Fort Frostmoth.[2] The Nords were successful in their campaign and Solstheim became a part of Skyrim,[3] but the fort remained intact.

After the Oblivion Crisis, Dunmer refugees led by House Redoran began settling in Raven Rock in 4E 0. General Carius perceived this as a threat to the garrison and demanded that the Dunmer surrender. They refused, and Carius repeatedly wrote to the Imperial Council to seek guidance.[4] Eventually, Carius decided to declare war on Raven Rock, threatening to retaliate if the Dunmer attacked the fort.[5]

In 4E 5, the ageing Fort Frostmoth was almost completely destroyed by the eruption of the Red Mountain. The few surviving Imperial soldiers moved to Raven Rock and attempted to establish a new garrison there, but they were too few in number to effectively protect the settlement and were replaced by House Redoran guards. In 4E 16 Solstheim officially became a territory of Morrowind when the High King of Skyrim offered the island to the Dunmer people. The East Empire Company withdrew from Solstheim by this time, taking the last vestiges of Imperial influence along with it, and the fort was never rebuilt.[6] The ruins were taken over by Ash Spawn and Albino Spiders.

Circa 4E 201, Ildari Sarothril, an apprentice of Master Neloth of Great House Telvanni, entered the ruins of Fort Frostmoth to conduct necromantic experiments using heart stones. She succeeded in reanimating the corpse of Falx Carius, but after two months she departed when she was unable to exert any manner of control over him. The undead Carius continued his crusade against House Redoran by sending enclaves of Ash Spawn to attack Raven Rock. In 4E 201, the Last Dragonborn traced the attacks back to Fort Frostmoth and destroyed Carius on behalf of the Redoran Guard.[7]


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