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The Everflow Ewer was an ancient artifact believed to be capable of supplying endless water once filled. The Ewer has been described as a pitcher made of either crystals or silver. The origin of the Ewer is unknown; some say it was a gift from Mara, while others claim that it was enchanted by a powerful sorcerer. Garridan Stalrous, a Knight-Errant of Farmantle Glens, sought out the Ewer due to a drought and a small yield of crops. To save his people from starvation he began his hunt for the Ewer. A sage informed him it was located in Frostfire Glade and he set off at once along with his friend, Lord Jaren Aethelweald. He eventually found the Ewer resting on an altar in the frozen glade, filled with water as the legend told. However, when Garridan removed the Ewer, a Frostfire Atronach Glade Guardian appeared and battled Garridan. The Atronach knocked him to the ground and attempted to finish Garridan, but his blow was intercepted by the Ewer itself, destroying it and causing a rush of frozen water. This locked the two in everlasting combat under the ice, where the fragments of the Everflow Ewer lie. Jaren Aethelweald escaped and returned to Farmantle Glens, only to discover that Mara had blessed the settlement with rain. The Legend of Garridan Stalrous was later recorded by Kirellian Odrenius in the book Knightfall, Tales of Heroism and Chivalry.[1]

According to legend, Mara took pity on the dying knight and imbued his tears with magic in commemoration of his kind heart.[2] The tears froze into crystals, which came to be known as Garridan's Tears. In 3E 433, S'drassa of the Leyawiin Mages Guild hired an adventurer to recover these fabled crystals so that he could add them to his collection. With the help of Julienne Fanis, the adventurer found Frostfire Glade and recovered five of the Tears from around the frozen corpses of Garridan and the atronach, preserved in ice.[3]


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