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Knight-Errant Garridan Stalrous
OB-place-Frostfire Glade Statue.jpg
Knight-Errant Garridan Stalrous trapped in ice
Raça Unknown Gênero Male
Morte 3rd Era
Great Forest
Residência Lainlyn
Jerall Mountains

Garridan Stalrous, Knight-Errant of Farmantle Glens, was a famous knight who lived some time in the late Third Era. He is best known for his failed quest to retrieve the Everflow Ewer, which resulted in his death and the creation of Garridan's Tears.

Sometime after the Warp in the West in 3E 417, the Knights of the True Horn were banished from Lainlyn in Hammerfell. A remnant of the order founded Battlehorn Castle in the Colovian Highlands of Cyrodiil, west of Chorrol.[1] The castle was ruled over by Lord Jaren Aethelweald, a faithful friend to Garridan, who was seemingly a Knight of the True Horn at the time. Jaren and Garridan were the only ones to learn of Lord Kain's death and attempted resurrection, when he was brought to the castle by the battlemage Arielle Jurard. The two sealed Arielle and their undead leader within a grotto of the castle, and Jaren swore Garridan to secrecy, fearing what the other knights would do if they learned of what had become Lord Kain.[2]

After these events, Garridan became the lord of Farmantle Glens, a farming settlement located in the northern Jerall Mountains. During a severe drought, Garridan and Jaren learned of the Everflow Ewer from a sage, and set out to find it in the hopes of saving the village with the ewer's supply of endless water. The two located the ewer in the remote Frostfire Glade, but Garridan was attacked by an Ice Atronach as he attempted to retrieve it. The atronach easily overpowered the knight, but Garridan blocked the finishing blow with the ewer. This resulted in an explosion of ice which encapsulated both Garridan and the atronach. Realizing he had failed, Garridan began to cry. Mara took pity on the dying knight, and imbued his tears with magic in commemoration of his kind heart. The tears froze into crystals, which came to be known as Garridan's Tears. Jaren escaped the glade, and returned to Farmantle Glens to discover that Mara had blessed the village with rainfall because of Garridan's sacrifice.[3]

In 3E 433, S'drassa of the Leyawiin Mages Guild hired the Champion of Cyrodiil to recover these fabled crystals so that he could add them to his collection. With the help of Julienne Fanis, the Champion found Frostfire Glade and recovered five of the Tears from around the frozen corpses of Garridan and the atronach, preserved in ice.[4] Later that year, the Champion saved the besieged Battlehorn Castle from a band of marauders. Jaren's son, Lord Kelvyn, had died in the battle, and the Champion was made the new lord. After discovering the secret journal of Jaren and learning of the fate of Lord Kain, the Champion unsealed the castle's grotto and banished Kain's undead skeletal remains, as well as Arielle Jurard, who had become a lich.[5]


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