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Bears are large, hostile creatures found across Tamriel. They will attack those who infringe on their territory, although they often roar or growl in an effort to intimidate potential threats before attacking.

There are several varieties of Bears. Black bears are black-colored and are usually the smallest kind of bear found throughout Tamriel, although those found in High Rock are notably among the largest bears seen anywhere.[1] They can be summoned by spriggans for protection. Grizzly bears are dark red colored and can be found throughout Tamriel, and the Skaal can summon them for protection. Brown or cave bears are brown-colored and are larger and more powerful than the black bears variety. Snow bears are white-colored bears that can be found in the most cold parts of Skyrim and Solstheim. They are more resistant to frost than other bears varieties and can cause frostbite to those that are damaged by it. Plague bears are found on Solstheim and are often diseased.

Bears are known to carry infectious diseases such as yellow tick, bone break fever and Ataxia. Bears are hunted for their pelts, which can be tanned into leather, and their claws, for their potential use in alchemy.

The Skaal see bears as the sacred embodiment of a warrior strength and as a gift from the All-Maker.[2] The Boots of the Crusader were once guarded by a bear called the Forest Guardian at the Shrine of Kynareth in Cyrodiil's Great Forest.[3] Kyne's Sacred Trials include slaying the Ursine Guardian, one of the seven Guardian Beasts of Skyrim.[4][5] A bear is one of the many animals carved into puzzles in Nordic ruins.[6] Hircine's aspect of strength takes the form of a bear, and the Prince is also responsible for the creation of werebears.



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