Dragonborn:Ancient Dragonborn

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Ancient Dragonborn
(RefID: xx01DC33)
Race Invisible Race Gender Male
Level 25 Class Warrior
RefID xx01DC33 BaseID xx0265AA
Other Information
Health 276 Magicka 204
Stamina 130
Primary Skills Conjuration, Heavy Armor, One-handed, Two-handed, Block, Restoration
Class Details dlc2DBAncientDragonbornClass
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Very Aggressive
Faction(s) Player Ally Faction

The Ancient Dragonborn will appear if your health falls below 50% when the second or third word of the Dragon Aspect shout is active. He appears as an invisible man equiped in a set of spectral armor identical to the armor that you gain from using Dragon Aspect. The Ancient Dragonborn will behave like a normal follower, but cannot be interacted with, and can't be talked to. Once he has killed all visible enemies within close proximity, he will disappear.

In combat the Ancient Dragonborn will attack with a Nord Hero Battle Axe and can use the Fire Breath, Frost Breath, and Unrelenting Force dragon shouts.


  • He cannot be attacked; magic and weapons just pass straight through him.