Dragonborn(Redirecionado de Dragonborn:People)
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This page serves as a listing of all the named NPCs in the Dragonborn expansion. Some NPCs can become followers, who will travel with you and fight for you.

SR Icon Legend
Followers - Followers ¹
Apothecary - Alchemy Merchandise
Equipment - Armor, Weapons
Fence - Fence
Food and Drink - Food and Drink
General Goods - General Goods
Hostler or Carriage Driver - Horses, Carriage rides
House - Houses, Upgrades
Inn - Inn (rent bed)
Jeweler - Jewelry
Spell Vendor - Spells

1-50 - Common
1-75 - Expert
1-90 - Master
Transparent Spacer Image
Alchemy - Alchemy
Alteration - Alteration
Archery - Archery
Block - Block
Conjuration - Conjuration
Destruction - Destruction
Enchanting - Enchanting

Heavy Armor - Heavy Armor
Illusion - Illusion
Light Armor - Light Armor
Lockpicking - Lockpicking
One-handed - One-handed
Pickpocket - Pickpocket
Restoration - Restoration
Smithing - Smithing
Sneak - Sneak
Speech - Speech
Two-handed - Two-handed

¹ Temporary quest followers are not marked.


Raven Rock People

Tel Mithryn People



Thirsk People

These people only reside here if you help the Nords retake the hall.

Bujold the Unworthy
Halbarn Iron-Fur Blacksmith
Herkja *
Kuvar Trainer (Master)Heavy Armor (Master)
Sirkjorg *

* Appears a few days after completing the quest Retaking Thirsk.

All-Maker Stones


Dwarven Ruins

Military Forts

Nordic Ruins

Other Locations

Overworld / Wilderness

Name Location
Ebony Warrior First encountered at a random hold capital, then at Last Vigil
Hrodulf Found dead along the coast, south of his house
Hunter Randomly encountered
Madman Randomly encountered
Revus Sarvani Southwest of the Sun Stone, north of Tel Mithryn
Torkild Randomly encountered
Usha Found dead in an unmarked location north of Ashfallow Citadel
Wizard Randomly encountered
  These NPCs are dead.