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The Mead Hall of Thirsk
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Alignment: Skaal
Region: Felsaad Coast

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:


Thirsk is a Mead Hall created by Hrothmund the Red and some fellow Skaal early in the third century of the Third Era (though some residents claim the founding dates back into the late Second Era). It is located south of Skaal Village in the Felsaad Coast region, on the banks of Lake Fjalding. The easiest way to reach it from Fort Frostmoth is to head east along the coast until you reach Iggnir River, then follow that to Lake Fjalding.

Thirsk can be a very welcome sight after the harsh conditions in the wilderness of Solstheim, opening its doors for you to rest and recuperate after a long adventure. While geographically in the Felsaad Coast region, Thirsk benefits from a pleasant microclimate. (Map)

Thirsk Weather Table
Clear 20% Thunder 0%
Cloudy 25% Foggy 35%
Ash 0% Blight 0%
Overcast 20% Rain 0%
Snow 0% Blizzard 0%

A Nordic Saloon

The first floor contains the Mead Hall itself with its patrons, among them is Erich the Unworthy, a perpetually angry barbarian. Later, you can become the chieftain here and run your very own business.

Upstairs Chambers

Go up the stairs in the northeast corner, and you enter a completely different area. The top floor is sub-divided into five bed chambers. A locked door on the northwest leads to Erich's bedchambers, holding an imprisoned missionary, Mirisa.

To the northeast, there is the room of Bereditte Jastal, a Breton scholar and author who sells several unique books, such as Thirsk, a History. You can rest (free of charge) in any of these rooms, depending on your preference, on a bed, or a bedroll made of bearskin. All in all, Thirsk is a welcoming place, and certainly lives up to the name "A light in the wilderness".

Inside the Great Hall after Thirsk is rebuilt


Outside to the northeast is the smithy of Brynjolfr. He sells Nordic silver weapons, minor armor, repairs your gear and has 600 gold. If you can bring him the required pelts, Brynjolfr offers to craft Snow Bear and Snow Wolf armor unique to Solstheim, which has substantial bonuses against the cold.

Getting there

Travel to Thirsk is restricted mainly to walking, the surrounding terrain is difficult and blizzards often drop visibility to a few feet. Divine Intervention from here takes you to Fort Frostmoth, Almsivi Intervention to Gnisis.


  • Behind the main hall is a hollow stump containing several nice trinkets, among them the Ebony Arrows of Slaying.
  • There is a small chance that a Confused Lunatic – a male level 55 Imperial Battlemage – spawns north of Thirsk. He turns into a Werewolf between 9pm and 6am.
  • Likewise, the Wandering Lunatic – a male level 65 Orc Barbarian – is roaming outside the mead hall to the northeast. Between 9pm and 6am, he turns into a Werewolf.
  • The age of Thirsk is inconsistently reported. The NPCs all claim that Thirsk was founded 500 years ago, but the book Thirsk, a History claims that Thirsk was founded 'approximately 100 years ago'. The latter is more believable, because it includes a list of Chieftains and the length of their reign, which total far less than 500 years.
  • This location also appears in the Dragonborn expansion for Skyrim.

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Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Andrelheim Male&M Nord Barbarian 20 178 90 0 30 *
Bathmar Bold-Lute Male&M Nord Bard 10 101 120 0 30
Brynjolfr Male&M Nord Smith 16 179 84 80 30 Blacksmith; Merchant
Bereditte Jastal Male&M Breton Bookseller 10 96 120 0 30 Bookseller
Bergljot Female&F Nord Barbarian 20 178 90 0 30
Erich the Unworthy Male&M Nord Hunter 18 139 88 0 30 *
Mirisa Female&F Redguard Monk Imperial Cult Acolyte(Acolyte) 6 80 68 0 30 Spell Merchant
Olfeigr the Fair Female&F Nord Barbarian 20 178 90 0 30 *
Skjoldr Wolf-Runner Male&M Nord Barbarian 20 183 90 50 30 *
Svenja Snow-Song Female&F Nord Hunter 30 197 106 0 30
Thirsk Worker Female&F Nord Commoner 1 50 60 0 30 Only while the hall is being rebuilt
Ulfrun Female&F Nord Barbarian 20 178 90 0 30 * Merchant

* These NPCs suffer a scripted death at the conclusion of The Skaal Test of Wisdom quest.