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"When we understand the events that occur to us, the events become history. History is understanding. Otherwise we're all just dumb animals trying to get in out of the cold." — Hasphat Antabolis, 3E 427

Today is the 15th of Sun's Height and it is Morndas night.

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My real name is Craig and I'm 21, and have been editing the Wiki on and off for however long the badge on the right says. I got into the Elder Scrolls after getting Morrowind GOTY for Xbox. All though I never completed the main quest (I got up to being the Hortator) I did a lot of side quests, for the guilds and had many characters. When I got Oblivion for the Xbox 360 back in '08 I knew it would continue to provide hours of fun. My pool of Elder Scrolls knowledge is limited to the games I have played, because I can not get my head around all the contradictory lore of the series, but is greater on the Oblivion side of things and my memory of Morrowind is hazy at best. I haven't played a great deal of Skyrim, but I know a fair bit of it. I think that Dawnstar is as addictive as Oblivion, but it doesn't get as much attention as it should, due to it being a mobile phone game only. I would be happy to help any user who requests it, be it about wiki markup and format or game related information, so leave me a message on my talk page, or ask me on the IRC channel. Thanks for reading!

What I'm doing around the wiki

These days I feel there is very little I can contribute, and well, I'm lazier (video game wise) than I used to be and stalking NPCs on Oblivion isn't so fun anymore. I do check in every now and then for information, and when I do, I look on the Recent Changes and lend a hand if I can.

Making (slow) strides to move towards completion of the ONPCRP. Oblivion namespace is my home <3

I may get around to finding something more constructive to do, but in the mean time, I'll be available if and when I am needed!


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