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Skyrim:Wayward Pass

Skyrim: Places: Passes
Wayward Pass
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Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 5
Console Location Code(s)
The mountains southwest of Winterhold, between Alftand and Nightgate Inn
Shrine at Wayward Pass

Wayward Pass is a pass through the mountains in the southwest of Winterhold province. It is the resting place of an ancient traveler, adorned by a shrine of Arkay.

The pass is halfway between Alftand and Nightgate Inn. The entrance and exit of Ironbind Barrow are either side of the pass, but there are no paths to them.

The skull of the ancient traveler can be looted, as well as the various items found here, which includes an amulet of Arkay, two linen wraps, an iron ingot, an iron helmet, and a red mountain flower. At the base of the altar lies a pair of iron boots and a steel shield. Any items that are looted will respawn.