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Skyrim:Skull of Corruption

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Daedric Artifact: Skull of Corruption ()
(lore page)
Type Staff
Editor ID DA16SkullofCorruption
Damage Damage 2
Damage Damage 2 {{{Health}}}
Weight Weight 10 Value Value 1680
Charge/Cost = Uses 3000/40=75
Skull of Corruption

The Skull of Corruption is a dream powered staff given by Vaermina as a reward for completing the Waking Nightmare quest in Dawnstar. To Dreamsteal, you simply cast it on a sleeping person and it will collect their dreams; however, it will still need to be charged with soul gems as well.

If equipped, guards will make comments about the staff: "What manner of staff is that? Such a horror..." and "What a foul and unnatural weapon you wield. Never have I seen its like."

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  • The number of dreams left contained in the staff, as noted in-game, may drop from 0 to -1. This may cause the artifact to cease any damage output, and is remedied by casting the staff on the sleeping NPC. ?