Skyrim: Creatures: Undead
(RefID: 00029D87)
Location Kilkreath Ruins
Race Breton Gender Male
Level Radiant (7-40) Class Conjurer
RefID 00029D87 BaseID 0009CB66
Other Information
Health 175-500
Magicka 190-460
Stamina 25
Primary Skills Conjuration, Restoration, Alteration, Destruction
Class Details CombatMageConjurer
Moral. Any Crime Aggress. Very Aggressive
Faction(s) Creature Faction; DraugrFaction; dunKilkreathFaction
Malkoran at the end of Kilkreath Ruins

Malkoran is a Breton necromancer who resides in Meridia's Temple. You are tasked with removing him from the temple during the Daedric quest The Break of Dawn. He is accompanied by many corrupted shades which he has created from the casualties of the ongoing war. He has an extremely powerful frost spell that can potentially kill in one hit, and a great deal of health, making him extremely hard to kill.

Malkoran's Shade spawns upon Malkoran's death.

Malkoran's Shade

Malkoran's Shade
Location Kilkreath Ruins
Species Dragon Priest Soul Common
Level 26 Type Undead
BaseID 000ebe2e
250 Gold
Other Information
Health 300 Magicka 275
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration
Faction(s) dunKilkreathFaction
Malkoran's Shade

Malkoran's Shade is a floating, wraith-like skeleton surrounded by a dark mist. It knows Destruction spells of all elements, and it will also use Wards to protect itself during combat.

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  • Malkoran may spawn with a Destruction staff. If so, he will use it in preference to his own spells, making him far less deadly at early levels.
  • As powerful as Malkoran may be, his shade seems bugged; it will not move through the doorway to his main chamber. This allows you to stand at the top of the stairs and shoot his shade to death with spells or arrows.
  • Reanimating the original body of Malkoran and killing him again will cause a second shade to spawn. The shade may still be hostile to you, and will drop his 250 gold again when killed.
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