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Skyrim:Kyne's Sacred Trials

Skyrim: Quests: Side Quests / Dungeon Quests
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SR-qico-Miscellaneous.png Participate in Kyne's Sacred Trials by hunting the guardian beasts of Skyrim.
Quest Giver: Froki Whetted-Blade
Location(s): Froki's Shack
Reward: Kyne's Token
ID: dunHunterQST
Suggested Spells: Fire Damage
Suggested Level: 20
Difficulty: Medium
The Guardian Mudcrab

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Froki Whetted-Blade.
  2. Defeat the Guardian Mudcrab, Guardian Skeever and Guardian Wolf.
  3. Return to Froki.
  4. Defeat the Guardian Bear, Guardian Mammoth and Guardian Sabre Cat.
  5. Return to Froki.
  6. Defeat the Guardian Troll.
  7. Return to Froki.

Detailed Walkthrough

Visit Froki's Shack and speak to Froki, a hunter. He will lament the worship of the Divines and pine over the old Nordic traditions that honor Kyne. If you agree, he'll grant you a blessing to seek out the guardian beasts of Skyrim and perform the Sacred Trials of Kyne. All the guardian beasts are unseen until you engage in the quest and inhabit areas populated by normal creatures of their same species. You'll have to go out and hunt the lesser beasts first before he gives you the set of greater beasts to hunt. The final trial is to hunt and kill Kyne's troll champion. If you struggled with the guardian mammoth, this part is potentially even more difficult. The troll spirit is inside Graywinter Watch and will almost immediately attack alongside two other normal trolls making this a tough fight for lower level players. It is a very small cave and if you sneak on entering, all three can be picked off from the entrance (fire bow recommended). Any sort of fire damage is useful on all the creatures involved in this quest, especially the trolls. Two dead bandits have minor loot, alongside Froki's bow (on a barrel). Froki will reward you with Kyne's Token upon completion of the quest.

Guardian Beast Locations


  • You can use the Animal Allegiance shout on all the guardians, thus making them stand there while you kill them.
  • You can find Froki's bow inside Graywinter Watch. He'll allow you to keep it if you tell him you found it.
  • The Guardian Bear is located near two interesting features:
  • From the guardian sabre cat follow the face of the ice wall north. A chest and a copy of 2920, Rain's Hand, v4 can be found in a small alcove.
  • Difficulty for this quest is based on the ability to kill a mammoth. If you're able to kill one in open combat you should be able to handle this quest. Alternatively, the mammoth can be killed by ranged attacks from the hill to the north.
  • Despite being spectral in appearance, the guardian spirits seem to retain all aspects of their represented species and are killable with normal weapons. They leave behind ghostly remains, but the loot table matches their represented species as well.
  • If you decline this quest, Froki will not offer it to you again, but the decline option remains in your dialogue choices.
    • If you back out before Froki offers the quest, it is as if you declined the quest.
  • If you own Lakeview Manor, on your return it may be attacked by bandits, which can engage in combat and kill Guardian Wolf and his pack. Still, the quest will progress as normal.


  • When asking Froki "What should I do now" after being assigned to hunt the guardian troll, his response may loop indefinitely. Exiting the conversation breaks the loop.
  • If you don't mention finding his bow before informing him you killed the Guardian Troll, there is no dialogue about it.
  • Froki's Bow respawns, making it possible to own multiple copies of this unique weapon.

Quest Stages

Kyne's Sacred Trials (dunHunterQST)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
20 I met an old Nord named Froki who offered to guide me through the Sacred Trials of Kyne.
21 I met an old Nord hunter named Froki who told me about Kyne's Sacred Trials. He has marked me so that the guardian skeever, wolf and mudcrab should appear to me when I visit their lairs.
Objective 30: Defeat the Guardian Mudcrab
Objective 31: Defeat the Guardian Skeever
Objective 32: Defeat the Guardian Wolf
50 I met a hunter named Froki who sent me on Kyne's Sacred Trials. I have defeated the first three guardian beasts as instructed.
Objective 50: Return to Froki
51 The Nord hunter Froki is guiding me through the Sacred Trials of Kyne. I defeated the first group of guardians and have been tasked to seek out the guardian bear, sabrecat and mammoth spirits.
Objective 60: Defeat the Guardian Bear
Objective 61: Defeat the Guardian Mammoth
Objective 62: Defeat the Guardian Sabre Cat
70 The Nord hunter Froki is guiding me through Kyne's Sacred Trials. I have defeated several guardian spirits as instructed.
Objective 70: Return to Froki
71 The Nord hunter Froki is guiding me through the Sacred Trials of Kyne. I have defeated several spirit guardians and have now been asked to seek out the Troll guardian as my final challenge.
Objective 80: Defeat the Guardian Troll
80 The Nord hunter Froki guided me through the Sacred Trials of Kyne. I have defeated the final guardian, a troll spirit.
Objective 100: Return to Froki
100 Finishes quest The Nord hunter Froki is guiding me through the Sacred Trials of Kyne. I had to defeat the guardian spirits of many beasts, and was rewarded with the Blessing of Kyne.
200 Fails quest
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 10, 15, 30, 31, 32, 60, 61, 62.
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