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Skyrim:Falmer Servant

Skyrim: People
Falmer Servant
Location Blackreach
Race Radiant Gender Radiant
Level Radiant (1-25) Class Bandit
RefID N/A BaseID
Other Information
Health Radiant (35-489)
Magicka 25
Stamina Radiant (50-246)
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Aggressive
Faction(s) Falmer Servant
Falmer Servant

Falmer Servants are hostile servants of the twisted Falmer and can be found throughout Blackreach.

They all wear ragged robes and their weapons are randomly determined between a mace, a sword or a war axe, all of them leveled up to elven quality at level 23. They also carry a leveled amount of gold and may carry one or two alchemy ingredients.

They will attack you if there are any Falmer nearby. They will warn you off but not attack if you keep your distance, so long as no Falmer are nearby. These servants are not hostile to any type of Falmer and the Falmer are not hostile to them.

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