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Skyrim:Falmer Ear

Skyrim: Alchemy / Items: Ingredients
Falmer Ear
Falmer Ear
Value 10 Weight 0.2
Alchemy Effects
1st Damage Health Damage Health
2nd Frenzy Frenzy
3rd Resist Poison Resist Poison
4th Fortify Lockpicking Fortify Lockpicking
# Samples 43
Creature Falmer
Merchant Avail. Uncommon
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A Falmer ear

Falmer Ears are dropped by dead Falmer. They are not related to elves ear, which is a plant as opposed to an actual ear.


43 guaranteed samples can be found in 17 different locations. Locations with the greatest numbers are:

It is categorized as an uncommon ingredient, meaning that all apothecary merchants have a 15% chance of carrying 1-5 samples. In addition, it may be randomly found in uncommon- and rare-type apothecary's satchels.


All Falmer, including Falmer Nightprowlers and Falmer Shadowmasters, have a 63% chance of dropping 1-2 Falmer ears. The best place to find them is in Falmer hives.