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Shivering:Earil's Mysteries

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Earil's Mysteries
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Proprietor Earil
Console Location Code(s)
SENSEarilsMysteries, SENSEarilsMysteriesUpstairs
New Sheoth, Crucible
Earil's Mysteries, Crucible

Earil's Mysteries is a spell shop in Crucible, the demented half of New Sheoth. It is adjacent to Things Found and across the street from Caldana Monrius's house.

It is the only spell shop in the Shivering Isles and is owned and run by the Altmer enchanter Earil. He has a Mercantile skill of 6 and 1000 gold. Besides a wide variety of unique spells, Earil will also sell a few ingredients, scrolls, and books. He will buy your books, ingredients, alchemy apparatus, magical items and potions. At high levels of Mercantile skill (50+), Earil will start to sell rare rings and amulets, such as the Mundane Ring or Necklace of Swords (see the notes section for details).

The main trading room is on the ground floor and consists of counters displaying his odds and ends, including a skull collection and some ingredients in display cases. Three bound boot scrolls, three petty soul gems and a minor book collection can be found here as well. The upper floor is a large living area, with a dining table filled with specialties from Cyrodiil. Up a flight of stairs is the bedroom which contains Earil's large double bed, a desk and a few bottles of cheap wine. The upper rooms also have an exit leading outside.

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  • Earil may stock up to three pieces of leveled enchanted jewelry. A Mercantile skill level of Journeyman is required, as Earil does not normally sell clothing.
  • You can obtain any jewelry available for your level by saving before you enter the store and reloading if it's not what you want. Allow three days time for Earil's vendor chest to respawn and then repeat.