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Location Pinnacle Rock
Race Dark Seducer Gender Female
Level PC+6 Class Dark Seducer
RefID BaseID
Other Information
Health 43 + (6+1.4)x(PC+5), PC=1-34
Magicka 100 + 1.5x(PC+5) (max=250)
Respons. 50 Aggress. 0
Essential Yes
Follower During The Helpless Army
Dylora's Prison

Dylora is the Dark Seducer Commander who needs rescuing in Pinnacle Rock. Betrayed by Syl and trapped inside a crystal prison, you need to set her free by ringing some chimes, then escorting her to the Wellspring.

Dylora wears leveled Dark Seducer Armor. In combat she will use a leveled Dark Seducer weapon. She can cast major Alteration and Restoration spells, possesses the standard Dark Seducer spells, lesser power and birthsign.

When you arrive near the Pinnace Rock entrance, Adeo will quickly approach you and fill you in: "We've lost control of Pinnacle Rock. Syl let them in... We had no idea she would turn on us. They captured our commander, Dylora, and have her imprisoned somewhere inside. Our first priority must be rescuing her." When asked about Dylora’s location, Adeo will respond: "Syl had called her aside, separating her from the group. She meant to divide our numbers when Order entered, making us easier targets. They imprisoned Dylora somewhere within Pinnacle Rock. If they killed her, she could return to us, so they keep her hostage. If we follow the waters of the Wellspring, we will surely find her." She will add: "We must free Dylora as soon as possible. She will know what to do." If summoned, Haskill will repeat: "Make all possible haste in reaching Dylora. She will be able to better inform you as to what happened, and what is required to secure Pinnacle Rock."

You will locate Dylora wandering around her crystal prison in the Hall of Reverence, the second zone of Pinnacle Rock. If you approach her while she is still imprisoned, she will give you the following instructions: "You must set me free! The barrier can't be broken by you. It's too tough... use the chime! Ring the chime, and that may shatter it!" and end the conversation. After having activated the chimes, the walls will break and Dylora will come out and approach you: "You have my thanks for freeing me, but... Just who are you?" After you have introduced yourself as the Duke of Mania, she will be surprised, but calm: "Your Grace/My Lady! I am sorry, I did not realize... Where is Syl? Have you seen her? That traitorous coward!" When you ask her what happened she will explain the treachery of Syl: "Syl... the snake. She showed up, asked for a contingent of guards. Said there was trouble at the palace, and that we were needed. We were so focused on organizing quickly that by the time we realized she'd let Order in herself, it was too late. We were split up and picked off. But it doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters now is the Wellspring. We must reach it at once!" And she will elaborate: "The Wellspring of the Mazken. It's what links us to this Realm, where we return to the world from the Waters of Oblivion. If Syl helps Order sever that link... my kind will be annihilated. The realm will be lost to us. We must get to the Wellspring and stop them! I will follow your lead. The Wellspring is at the heart of Pinnacle Rock; follow the waters to reach it. I am yours to command, Your Grace."

At this point, you can ask her three questions about Pinnacle Rock. You can ask about Pinnacle Rock, the Chimes or the Wellspring. She will only reply at this point and her answers are:

"Pinnacle Rock was given to us by our Lord Sheogorath as a sanctuary and place of restoration. It is our home. It is where our numbers are strengthened, and where we return to the realm from the Waters of Oblivion."
"They are a key part of the ceremony for restoring fallen comrades. The ringing of the chimes is said to help call the souls back to Pinnacle Rock, guiding them to us, so they may return to our Lord's service."
"The Wellspring is a cynosure, a place where the Animus of lost Mazken can return to this realm from the Waters of Oblivion. The Darkness is a frightening place, even to us, and so our Lord has given us this beacon, a light to guide us back to Him."

She will also make an additional comment on Syl: "What reason could she have to turn on Lord Sheogorath Himself? She must know that He will find and punish her. We will catch her, and will turn her over ourselves. Her treachery cannot be allowed to stand."

Dylora will then, along with Adeo and any remaining Dark Seducers, follow you into the Hall of Devotion, where something bad obviously happens as Dylora will approach you: "No! The Wellspring!... They've stopped it up. You... you must make it to the Wellspring, and let the waters flow..." All the Dark Seducers then fall to the ground, petrified due to the Wellspring being shut off by the Forces of Order. When you break the seal and let the waters flow again, she will join you in the final battle near the Font of Rebirth. After the battle is won she will approach you and express her gratitude with a few rewards, the Summon Dark Seducer spell and a set of Dark Seducer Armor: "The Wellspring is restored! You have saved us. We are forever grateful, your Grace. Please, allow me to teach you this spell, so that you may summon our kind to you in times of need. Also accept this gift of armor. It is the least I can do to show thanks for your help."

If you ask her about Syl she will comment: "No sign of her yet. We'll do our best to track her down, and deliver her to Lord Sheogorath for a fitting punishment. The traitor must be brought to justice!" She will finish with: "Our warriors will scour the halls of Pinnacle Rock, removing any last elements of opposition. Then, we will immediately return to our duties." When you say you are leaving she will say: "Indeed. Lord Sheogorath will be anxious to hear of your victory, I am sure." She will then proceed to patrol near the Font of Rebirth until you finish the quest. Due to a bug, Dylora will then relocate to her prison cell in the Hall of Reverence and stay there for the rest of the game.

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  • As Dylora is not a member of any faction, she does not provide any dialogue once the related quest is complete.
  • After the related quest is completed, Dylora can be found later in her prison chamber, instead of the Wellspring area.
  • Dylora was supposed to suffer from a scripted death and have her essential status removed at the same time. However, an error in the scripting prevents this.