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This glossary of Tes4 (Oblivion) words is designed to help players who might be confused by commonly used terms.

Rules for adding content:

  • Focus is on helping players, not modders! Terms that are likely to only be useful for modders should probably go to the Glossary at TESCS Wiki.
  • Acronym expansions should go to Acronyms. However, some acronyms that are used also commonly used as terms can be put on both pages. (E.g. OMOD.)
  • Mods should not be listed here.
  • Don't use evaluative terms like "popular". If it's not reasonably popular, then it shouldn't be here.
  • Sort alphabetically (alpha by acronym, not by full name).
  • Keep descriptions short. (One to three short sentences in almost all cases.) Link to other pages/sites as appropriate.

See Also: the Somewhat Acerbic Modders Dictionary.

Bashed Patch
A patch mod automatically generated by Wrye Bash. The patch mostly works by modifying records of currently active mods, sometimes tweaking them in certain ways (e.g. removing flicker from lights), sometimes merging contributions from different mods (e.g. merging changes to leveled lists). The Bashed Patch is required by some mods (FCOM), and is recommended for use by other mods (e.g. TNR).
Body Replacer
A mod that focuses on redefining body mesh/texturing. There are a number of body replacers, most focusing on the female figure.
What happens when two or more mods try to change the same thing.
Remake of items, quests, mods etc.
Records are the fundamental "atomic" unit of modding. A record can be a definition of a race (WoodElf), a type of clothing, a placed object, a magic effect, a cell, etc. Mods are collections of new and redefined records.
Wrye Bash
A utility for managing mods and savegames, building compatibility patches, tweaking mods, and much more. It is required for use by some mods (e.g. FCOM), and more generally is required to resolve certain types of conflicts (e.g. between race tweaking mods).