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For official plugins released by Bethesda refer to Official Plug-ins.

What Goes Here

There are a couple of other wikis and other information sources out there on mods, so we would like to distinguish ourselves from them in the way we approach mod information.

  • Depth over Breadth: Cover fewer mod and mod subjects, but when we do so, do so in depth.
  • No Stubs! Do not begin a mod page until you're ready to write an in-depth article.
  • No Readmes! Do not post the readme here.
  • No Reviews!
  • Utility over Exhaustion
    • In addition to the rules above, we also want to make sure that details should only be given to the depth that is likely to be useful to most mod players.
    • I.e. the goal is not to exhaustively document every fact about a given mod, but rather to produce guides that are genuinely useful to players of that mod.
    • In effect (combining this with the "Depth over Breadth" rule), this means that only fairly complicated mods should be documented here.

See Also: For an alternate site that focuses on breadth, presentation of readmes and broad searches, see Oblivion Mod Wiki. Also see download sites (e.g. TesNexus and Planet Elder Scrolls) which provide similar information for their hosted mods.


Lists and Comparisons

Mod Playing Tools

  • mod/mods/2097 OBMM - Install/uninstall mods, browse BSA archives, etc.
  • Tes4View - Advanced tool for diagnosing mod conflicts.
  • Bash vs. OBMM - A comparison between the mod installers of Wrye Bash and the Oblivion Mod Manager.

Note: For modder specific tools, see Modding Tools.

Specific Mods

  • Official Plug-ins - Mods by Bethesda Softworks.
  • Cobl - A list of Cobl (Common Oblivion) based mods.
  • FCOM - Compatibility guide for FCOM and related mods.
  • Oldblivion - Software that allows Oblivion to run on older graphics cards (mirror).
  • Stirk - Originally part of the Tamriel Rebuilt project, adds the island of Stirk to the west of Anvil.

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