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Default Vampire Race Male

The Vampire Race is an unused race found only in the Construction Set. It can be assumed that at some point in development Vampires were to be a whole different race, but in the final game Vampires can be of any race. In appearance the Vampire Race has very pale skin, human features (as opposed to elven) and the red eyes usually only obtainable through contracting Vampirism. The Vampire Race has no attributes, skills or traits for either gender.

Only two NPCs are of the Vampire Race in the standard game, both of which are male test NPCs and cannot be met in-game unless spawned by console commands. One is named Dead Meat (Editor ID TestDeadMeat); the other has no name (Editor ID TestErikNPC). Shivering Isles adds an additional member of the Vampire Race, an unused female NPC called Juggler. She can be encountered in an inaccessible test cell called The Waiting Room.