Oblivion:Undead Akaviri Soldier

Oblivion: Creatures: Undead
Undead Akaviri Soldier (RefID: 000980E7)
Location Fort Pale Pass
Species Skeleton Soul LeveledL:-1
Level PC-1 Type Undead
RefID 000980E7 BaseID 0001C176
  • 3+((lvl-1)/2) pts melee, unarmed
Other Information
Health 16x(lvl-1) Magicka 0
Respons. 0 Aggress. 80
Faction(s) Creatures
Undead Akaviri Soldier

Undead Akaviri Soldiers are the skeletal remains of Akaviri warriors stationed at Pale Pass. They are found only in Fort Pale Pass. Once the curse has been lifted from the fort during the related quest, all undead skeletons will be replaced by Dead Akaviri Soldiers, even if they have already been killed. This essentially enables the corpses to be looted twice.

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