Oblivion:Summoned Ghost of Rufio

Oblivion: Creatures: Undead
Summoned Ghost of Rufio
Location N/A
Species Ghost Soul LeveledL:+0
Level PC+0 Type Undead
BaseID 00175F5F
Other Information
Health 18xlvl Magicka 25xlvl
Respons. 0 Aggress. 70
Faction(s) Creatures; Necromancers; UndeadFaction
The Summoned Ghost of Rufio

The Summoned Ghost of Rufio will appear when you use the Summon Rufio's Ghost scroll. The ghost that appears will attack your enemies. The scroll is given to you during The Purification by Lucien Lachance. Rufio was a man you had to kill in order to join the Dark Brotherhood.

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