Oblivion: Creatures: Daedra
Medrike (RefID: 000ACB24)
Location Paradise, The Forbidden Grotto (3rd zone)
Species Xivilai Soul LeveledL:+0
Level PC+0 Type Daedra
RefID 000ACB24 BaseID 000878B1
  • 15+(lvl/2) pts melee, unarmed
  • Dispel OtherDispel 30pts on Target
  • Heat BlastFire Damage 70pts on Target
  • Lightning GraspShock Damage 45pts on Touch
  • Lightning SurgeShock Damage 80pts on Touch
  • GuardShield 30pts for 30sec on Self
  • Daedra Heart
  • Two-handed enchanted weapon
  • Random Poison (100%)
Other Information
Health 12×lvl Magicka 8×lvl
Respons. 0 Aggress. 95
Faction(s) Daedra monsters in the caves
Medrike guarding the exit to the Forbidden Grotto

Medrike is a Xivilai who can be found in Mankar Camoran's Paradise. He guards the exit to the Forbidden Grotto. He is armed with a leveled two-handed enchanted weapon.

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