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Wolves are aggressive canines found throughout Tamriel. They are packs hunters and can often be found in packs of two or three, using their highly developed sense of smell to track their prey. When threatened, they may howl and thus draw in other members of their pack. When attacking, they will often attempt to circle around behind their prey to bite.

The Skaal see wolves as one of the most blessed of the creations of the All-Maker, for their speed, agility and skills as hunter.[1] One of Kyne's Sacred Trials is to slay the Wolf Guardian Spirit, one of the seven Guardian Beasts of Skyrim.[2][3] A wolf is one of the many animals carved into puzzles on the dungeons of Skyrim.[4] Hircine's aspect of speed takes the form of a wolf.

There are several varieties of wolves. The regular wolves are the weaker versions whose fur pattern is different depending on their native region. Timber wolves are larger and stronger wolves found in the forests of Cyrodiil. Ice wolves are white and are found in Skyrim. Snow wolves are also white-colored and can be found in the far north of Tamriel. They are more resistant to frost than other wolf varieties and can cause frostbite to those they bite.

Wolves are known to carry infectious diseases and in some places, like Solstheim, they are called plague wolves. The wolves from Cyrodiil may be infected with helljoint, the ones in Skyrim are sometimes infect with rockjoint and the wolves from Solstheim can be infected with yellow tick.

Bonewolves are undead wolves created by black magic and have been knowm to haunt the old graves of Solstheim.

Wolves are hunted for their pelts, which can be tanned into leather. Some wolves, like ice and snow wolves have more valuable pelts. The Skaal turn snow wolf pelts into durable frost resistant armor.



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