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Tel Fyr
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Azura's Coast
Appears in Morrowind
Tel Fyr

Tel Fyr was a remote Telvanni Tower, located directly south of Tel Aruhn and southwest of Sadrith Mora, on an island just off the mainland. Although it had a dock, it was not on any transport route, and the only real means of getting there was to swim from Tel Aruhn or Sadrith Mora. It was also possible to walk through Molag Amur from Molag Mar, but this was a significantly longer route. Unlike most of the other Telvanni towers on Vvardenfell, most of Tel Fyr was built into a large hill, as opposed to being a free-standing organic growth.

Its main resident, Divayth Fyr, was proof of the Telvanni maxim that rank is insignificant next to the power to do whatever one desires. Divayth was not generally addressed as "Lord Fyr" and was not a member of the Council (despite invitation), but he was nevertheless one of the most significant and powerful of the Telvanni Lords.

Having turned his back on most of the affairs of men, Divayth was mainly known for his experiments with the Corprus Disease and his Corprusarium. Whether the Corprusarium was a compassionate endeavor or simply a good means of gaining experimental subjects, it still was a place of value to all factions and segments of Morrowind society who wanted an alternative to simply killing family or companions who contracted the dreaded disease.

It is unknown how Tel Fyr was affected by the cataclysmous Red Year and subsequent Argonian invasion of 4E 5.

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