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This page provides an overview of the maps of Tamriel. For a more complete list of maps providing game-specific information, see each individual game's map page:


Current Tamriel Map

The most recent and authoritative map of Tamriel, as depicted in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion's update to the Official Codex.

Elder Scrolls Anthology map

The map of Tamriel included in The Elder Scrolls Anthology.


Second Era Tamriel

Map of Tamriel in the Second Era, showing the three alliances and Imperial territory, as seen in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Arena Map of Tamriel

The complete map of Tamriel as seen in the first Elder Scrolls game, Arena. Arena is the only game that has been set in all of Tamriel. This map has been assembled from the individual province maps; for a better representation of the shape of the continent, see the in-game map of Tamriel.

Western Tamriel

A map of Western Tamriel, attributed to one of Bethesda's developers (Hugh Riley). Part of this map is shown on the cover of the game Redguard, although it was not used for gameplay.



The province of Skyrim, as seen in the game Skyrim, and on the map in the game case.



The province of Cyrodiil, as seen in the game Oblivion, and on the map in the game case.

Iliac Bay Region

The Iliac Bay region, as seen in the game Daggerfall.


The island of Vvardenfell, as seen in the game Morrowind.

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