Lore:Isild River

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Isild River
Type Body of Water
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Solstheim
Appears in Bloodmoon, Dragonborn

The Isild River is a river in northern Solstheim on the Felsaad Coast.[1][2]

Before the Red Year of 4E 5,[3] the Isild River ran northwest from the frozen Lake Fjalding until it merged with the Harstrad River at the foot of the Moesring Mountains. The river then continued to its mouth on the icy Felsaad Coast, west of Skaal Village.[1] It was reportedly a beautiful part of the island, at the right time of year.[4]

The cataclysms of the Red Year substantially changed the landscape of Solstheim.[3] Many of the landmarks remained the same; the river is still west of Skaal Village and flows from Lake Fjalding to the coast. However, the Isild and Harstrad rivers no longer meet. Instead, each empties separately into a small bay on the northern coast.[2]


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