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King Eadwyre
Raça Breton Gênero Male
Nascimento 3E 340
Sucessor Elysana
Residência Wayrest
Aparece em Daggerfall
Ficheiro:DF-Eadwyre Face.png
King Eadwyre of Wayrest
Ficheiro:DF-King Eadwyre.gif
As seen in Daggerfall

King Eadwyre (born in 3E 340) was king of Wayrest and husband of Barenziah and Carolyna. He and Carolyna are the parents of Elysana.[1]

Together with Barenziah, he plotted to bring about the downfall of Jagar Tharn when he learned the Imperial Battlemage was masquerading as the Emperor.[2] He died sometime between 3E 417 and 3E 427.[3]

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