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Michael Kirkbride is a former designer for Bethesda Softworks and still very active in the Elder Scrolls community, despite leaving the company during Morrowind's development. He is responsible for a large amount of lore in the Elder Scrolls universe, and was asked by Bethesda to author a few in-game books for Oblivion. Michael continues to write additions to The Imperial Library and the Lore section on the Official Forums, and he also did some contract work for the Knights of the Nine plug-in. He spent several years preparing for the release of an open-source graphic novel, C0DA, which is set in the Elder Scrolls universe.


Elder Scroll Game Credits

Oblivion - Additional Writing
Morrowind - Concept Art and Writing & Quest Design
Redguard - World Art, Design & Writing, and Manual (Writing and Art)

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