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Dragonborn:Vahlok's Tomb

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Nordic Ruin:
Vahlok's Tomb
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# of Zones 1
Corrupted Shades, Draugr, Vahlok the Jailor
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2VahloksTomb01, DLC2VahloksTombExterior01
South of Thirsk Mead Hall
North of Ashfallow Citadel
Ficheiro:DB-place-Vahloks Tomb.jpg
Opened entryway to Vahlok's Tomb

Vahlok's Tomb is a Nordic ruin located south of Skaal Village. It is the tomb of Vahlok the Jailor, a dragon priest.

Ficheiro:DB-interior-Vahlok's Tomb.jpg
The main chamber of the tomb

Related Quests


  • This location is not accessible until the start of the related quest due to a landslide blocking the entrance.
  • There are two chests (one is in the northwestern corner with a coin purse, the other is almost centered to the west of the fire pit, with a potion off to the south from it) in the water in the main chamber.
  • There is a chest on a ledge near the water level to the north of the fire pit and another on a hidden ledge accessible by jumping on the right side of the huge arch on the west side in the main chamber, and a coin purse on the southern pillar that has a face on the end.


  • If the puzzle door does not work, check here for possible fixes.
  • Vahlok will respawn, despite the fact that the tomb does not, and that he is the only named dragon priest to do so.
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