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This is a list of the built-in potions added by the Dragonborn expansion.


Name (ID) Weight Value Level Effect Notes
  Potion of Minor Well-being
0.5 33 1 Restore 15 points of Health. Restore 15 points of Magicka. Restore 15 Stamina: Available from Elynea Mothren after Healing a House is completed and from Milore Ienth as a reward for finishing Fetch the Netch.
  Potion of Well-being
0.5 84 8 Restore 35 points of Health. Restore 35 points of Magicka. Restore 35 Stamina:
  Potion of Plentiful Well-being
0.5 139 16 Restore 55 points of Health. Restore 55 points of Magicka. Restore 55 Stamina:
  Potion of Vigorous Well-being
0.5 196 24 Restore 75 points of Health. Restore 75 points of Magicka. Restore 75 Stamina:
  Potion of Extreme Well-being
0.5 239 32 Restore 90 points of Health. Restore 90 points of Magicka. Restore 90 Stamina:
  Potion of Ultimate Well-being
0.5 269 40 Restore 100 points of Health. Restore 100 points of Magicka. Restore 100 Stamina:
  Potion of Waterwalking
0.5 500 Walk on the surface of water for 30 seconds: The only four can be found in the Raven Rock Mine