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Lysandus' Ghost as seen in Daggerfall

Lysandus was King of Daggerfall. He was born to Arslan II and Nulfaga in the year 3E 354. He eventually married Mynisera, with whom he had a son Gothryd, who succeeded him as king. His life was cut short after 57 years in 3E 403 when he died during the War of Betony.

As king, Lysandus was a trusted vassal of Uriel Septim VII. During his rule, the kingdom of Daggerfall became the mightiest power within the Iliac Bay, to the disfavor of the kingdoms of Sentinel and Wayrest. Although his loyalty to the empire of Tamriel was assured, his faithfulness to his wife Mynisera was not so distinct. He had numerous affairs over the years; his last liaison was with the former court sorceress of Daggerfall, Medora Direnni. Lysandus' rule was also affected by frequent infighting between the three major kingdoms of the bay. One of these struggles finally cost Lysandus' life.

During the War of Betony, he was killed on the evening before the decisive battle. Reportedly Lysandus and his companions were ambushed and put down by a group of Orcs while they were en route to the battlefield. His son and only child Gothryd was left to lead the armies of Daggerfall against the forces of Sentinel on the plains of Cryngaine Field. In a direct joust Gothryd killed the King of Sentinel, Camaron, ending the War of Betony with an overall victory for Daggerfall.

Mysteriously, Lysandus' corpse was entombed at an unknown place. However, his spirit did not find rest after his death. For years, he and his spectral army have haunted the City of Daggerfall, spreading fear and dread to the citizens.

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