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About Me

Howdy all. Uhh, a little about me I guess. Been playing since Morrowind back on the Xbox, then Morrowind on the PC. Then Oblivion, and now Skyrim. I try to stay off the PC because I have a habit of abusing the console commands if I know they are there. Edit every once and a while, usually while I am bored and either see a question or something that needs found out - I'll go make a mission to find it out. Have had an account since '07, but getting back into semi-serious editing now. I enjoy hanging out on the IRC and doing my best to answer any and all questions that are asked on there. As well, I have a personal vendetta against stubs, and do my best to fix every one that i run across if I have to knowledge. That's about it really, if ya want to know anything feel free to ask.


Currently in the process of....

  • Writing the Shadowmarks (Thieves Guild) page, making maps for it, etc.
  • Getting around to adding all the info about each different type of Falmer to their article
  • Writing most DG articles that I come across that lack needed information
  • Removing all stubs I come across and filling in necessary info to do so

Map Templates

I've been doing a lot of work with the Perk Tree templates that we are currently using for the maps, if anyone has any questions or has trouble with them i'd be happy to help as far as I am able!


--: Notes for myself

#0: Shadowmarks

#1: Spell effects

#2: Misc

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