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About Me

Hello dear reader! I am very happy you are taking the time to read this boring overview of my life. I have recently gotten right into editing, and have made a considerable amount of pages, all of which are in the Skyrim and Dragonborn namespace, but I will soon be moving on to Oblivion and Morrowind pages as well.

As of this current edit, I am 13 years old, and am in Year 9 in high school. Since the school holidays have ended, I've been finding less time to play Skyrim, because I am either on this wiki, or doing homework. I am usually online from about 5:30am to 7:30am and 5pm to 7pm (AEDST).

I am living in NSW, Australia although I go to school in Queensland. I play Oblivion and Skyrim on my PS3 and I rarely play a bit of Morrowind on my Laptop. Soon, I am going to start Archery classes and hope to be kinda like Psylocke. I have made lots of friends on this wiki. My best ones are: JR, Vulpa, helenaanne and Jak Atackka. As you can see from the userbox below, I am a userspace patroller, and am aspiring to be a Recent Changes patroller soon. Just because I am younger than most, don't think I'm not capable of editing the wiki. I know how to create and edit lots of types of tables, templates, and am becoming more and more knowledgable about how this website works everyday. As I said before I am currently making lots of pages on the Skyrim namespace, and am moving onto Oblivion and Morrowind soon. I have at least 50+ pages to make. As of this edit, I am currently a Mentor, soooo ask away! Well, now you know a bit about me. Enjoy my page!

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Feel free to contact me via my talk page, my email or my PSN account. Head over to this page to see all my prizes! =D



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Finished Pages (Pages I have made)

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Today's date is
Fredas, 9th of Mid Year

Note: helenaanne and Vulpa helped me with some of the many, many pages on the list above. =) Thanks girls!