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This gnome started playing TES games with Morrowind.

While Alfwyn was originally just a made up name that is pronounceable and not already taken (way back for some online game), it turned out to be an actual name. Its etymology is probably being a form of Ælfwine, meaning "elf-friend".


  • TESdata - yet another tool for viewing Skyrim game data (beta)

About CSList

As far as I know, CSList was written entirely by Nephele alone. As she isn't active at the moment I more or less adopted it early 2013, updating the database from Hearthfire on and fixing some minor issues. So currently your best bet to get something changed is probably to drop me a line, although anybody with shell access to the development server can make changes. But considering it still to be Nephele's project (it seems to be tied to her bot), I currently don't plan to do any radical changes to CSList, just minor updates.

About TESdata

A similar project I wrote in the summer of 2012 is TESdata (not having access to CSList sources back then), although it is still lacking. I moved it to the development server here late 2013. I plan to do some bigger changes to it in the nearer future.

Technical Details

CSList is written in php and dumps its data after a medium level of processing into a mysql database. The php web frontend then does some more processing of the data. The data dumping part of TESdata is written in C and doesn't do much processing, for the most part dumping the data just as xml (which preserves group nesting and order of records). After putting the xml files into a Berkeley DB for indexing, the data is read by a pearl web frontend for displaying, which does most of the processing. Still, the level of TESdata is a bit lower, being nearer to the original data.

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