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Bots are programs run by editors to do basic, automated or repetitive tasks on the wiki through a Bot account. These bots do not have any extra tools or powers on the wiki. The only differences between bots and normal editors is that all bot edits are hidden by default on the Recent Changes page and are automatically patrolled.

Requests and Tasks

Please post any new requests on the requests page.

What should a bot do and what shouldn't a bot do?

Before going into action on the wiki, a bot must be approved by the community, then be assigned to the appropriate User Group by Daveh. Before even being considered by the community, the bot must have been thoroughly tested beforehand, either offline, on the test version of the UESP, or on a private website. Once the bot has been tested and no errors found, the bot owner must make sure that the bot is able to do the most standard tasks. These tasks include:

  • Creation of redirects
  • Updating of links
  • Addition or removal of certain text to or from an article

Each bot must have basic safety functions built in. These safety functions are as follows:

  • Bots should make no more than 10 page reads or 1 page write per second.
  • Bots should adapt to changing conditions and slow down or stop if the server response time is excessive. (Bot owners are also trusted not to run unnecessary jobs if servers are under significant load.)
  • No substantive edits will ever be made to user pages, user talk pages, or template pages, though link updates and the like are acceptable.
  • No edits will be made by the program unless it is logged in.
  • If the bot's talk page is edited, the bot will stop running within a reasonable timeframe.
  • The bot handles edit conflicts in an appropriate manner.
  • The bot account must clearly indicate that it's a bot, typically by having the word "bot" somewhere in its name, though a user page that clearly indicates it's a bot is acceptable. This is simply to prevent confusion.

Proposing a bot

Once the owner has tested the bot, added the safety functions, and met the standards listed above, the owner may then propose the bot in the section below; Bot Proposals.

When the bot is proposed by the owner, the owner should explain in detail how the bot works and what tasks it will perform. This is to ensure that no bots accidentally begin running wild across the wiki. For a bot to be proposed, the bot owner must already be a trusted member of the community. The minimal requirements for a bot owner are:

  • Absolutely no history of vandalism on the site
  • Displayed knowledge of the site's Policies and Guidelines
  • Displayed a working knowledge of the UESPWiki's coding and formatting
  • A minimum of 500 constructive edits to the wiki, excluding edits in userspace or in a talk namespace

Current Bots

Active Bots
Inactive Bots

Bot Proposals

Please add any bot proposals below with a reason and detailed explanation of the bot.