Semi Protection
Ambientação Stormhold,
Black Marsh
Desenvolvedor Vir2L
Data de Lançamento 1 Aug 2003

"Misfortune has landed you in Stormhold prison, run by a reputed lunatic Quintus Varus. You must find the few who can help you, and overcome the challenges of Stormhold until you are strong enough to defeat the evil warden. The overseers will put you to work, and it is clear you are not expected to survive long. Prisoners whisper of overseers and other prisoners gone mad who now try to kill workers clearing the Stormhold ruins. You now have a weapon smuggled to you by friends, and ruins to clear."
- Stormhold introductory text

Note: Stormhold was developed in several different versions to make sure the game would load on as many phones as possible. The smallest version of the game contains only 8 dungeons and 6 classes, while the largest version has 36 dungeons and adds the Spellsword class.
The game information provided below is based on the largest version of the game.

Quest Information

World Information

  • Bestiary - Detailed list of all enemies in Stormhold.
  • People - All significant characters, both friendly and mean.

Gameplay Information

  • Character Creation - Stats and skills for all 7 classes.
  • Dictionary - For unseasoned Elder Scrolls players.
  • Getting Started - A detailed guide for both the experienced and inexperienced Elder Scrolls gamers.
  • Hints/Tips - The info provided by the in-game help menu.
  • Items - All items found within the game:
    • Armor - All the Light and Heavy Armor available in the game.
    • Crystals - Valuable artifacts with many different uses.
    • Gift Items - A page covering all 36 gifts you can give to trainers, including gift locations and the points you get from each trainer.
    • Weapons - All the weapons available in Stormhold.
  • Magic - All the spells found in the game and how to obtain them.

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