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Skyrim:Windhelm Stables

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Windhelm Stables
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# of Zones 1
Hostler Ulundil
Hostler§ Arivanya
Carriage Driver Alfarinn
Console Location Code(s)
WindhelmStables, WindhelmBridge01, WindhelmBridge02
Windhelm Stables

Windhelm Stables is a stable outside of Windhelm.

You can purchase a bay horse with white markings for 1000 gold from Ulundil. If Ulundil dies, his wife, Arivanya, will instead offer to sell you the stables' horses. It consists of one area only, Windhelm Stables.




Animals Other
2 Horses
1 Wood Chopping Block

Related Quests

  • Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.

Windhelm Stables

Inside Windhelm Stables

The stable building is one room only, with a double bed along the western wall. In the southwestern corner is a wardrobe with clothes and in the adjacent corner sits a dresser, also with clothes, and with the Business Ledger on top. Two sets of shelves decorate the northern wall and display a strongbox, a draught of strength, some leather strips, an iron ingot, two bottles of wine, a bottle of Nord mead, a wheel of eidar cheese, and two food sacks. Opposite the shelves, next to the front door, is a table with a few common books. The eastern part of the stable house is reserved for dining and has four food sacks, three large and one small. The dinner table is placed in front of the roaming fireplace and a cooking spit. The table itself holds some assorted food, a goat cheese wedge, two red apples, and two loaves of bread.