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This page lists all the towers in Skyrim.

SR-mapicon-Imperial Tower.png Imperial Towers

  Abandoned Prison — A collapsed, partially flooded Imperial prison inhabited by the ghosts of its drowned prisoners. (map)
  Falkreath Watchtower — A ruined watchtower that overlooks the major crossroads of Falkreath Hold. (map)
  Pinefrost Tower — A small Imperial tower on the northwestern coastal border, due south of Rimerock Burrow and northwest of Volskygge. (map)
  Refugees' Rest — A dilapidated tower east of Windhelm and close to the Morrowind border. (map)
  Rift Watchtower — A small tower in the northern Rift occupied by Orc bandits. (map)
  Shor's Watchtower — A watchtower that overlooks Shor's Stone in the Eastmarch-the Rift pass. (map)
  Snowpoint Beacon — A small, single watch tower consisting of three floors, found in Winterhold, south-southwest of Driftshade Refuge and due east of Fort Fellhammer. (map)
  Stendarr's Beacon — A watchtower home to three Vigilants of Stendarr, south of Black-Briar Lodge. (map)
  Whitewatch Tower — A small tower just northeast of Whiterun occupied by the guards of whichever faction controls the city itself. (map)
  Widow's Watch Ruins — A small tower located northeast of Fort Hraggstad, occupied by a single hag. (map)

SR-mapicon-Nordic Tower.png Nordic Towers

  Bannermist Tower — A simple three-leveled Nordic tower occupied by bandits, located south of Moss Mother Cavern and Hunter's Rest, east of Knifepoint Ridge. (map)
  Bleakwind Bluff — A ruined Nordic tower inhabited by hagravens and Forsworn, located northwest of Rorikstead on an outcrop of rock. (map)
  Cradle Stone Tower — A remote tower due west of Bard's Leap Summit, which is occupied by a hagraven. (map)
  Dead Crone Rock — A Forsworn-inhabited Nordic tower located south-southwest of Markarth, just above Hag Rock Redoubt. (map)
  Nilheim — A tower east-northeast of Ivarstead containing bandits disguised as guards. (map)
  Peak's Shade Tower — A long-ruined Nordic tower that has been reclaimed by nature. (map)
  South Skybound Watch — A small Nordic tower and ruin occupied by bandits. (map)
  Sundered Towers — A pair of linked ruined Nordic towers inhabited by Forsworn and Hagravens (map)
  Valtheim Towers — A pair of tall Nordic towers inhabited by bandits. (map)