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Skyrim:Silent City Catacombs

Skyrim: Places: Dwarven Ruins
Dwarven Ruin:
Silent City Catacombs
# of Zones 1
Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 18
Console Location Code(s)
Along the river next to Blackreach's city
Ore Veins
# of Geode 2
The entrance to the Silent City Catacombs

The Silent City Catacombs is a small Dwarven ruin inside Blackreach containing Falmer.

The direct entrance to the catacombs is on the river in the center of the cavern, just east of Blackreach's city. The catacombs also connect to the Pumping Station through a door at the west end.



To the east-southeast of the entrance are two leveled chaurus beside a stone wall, with several chaurus egg sacs, a geode vein, and a corundum ore vein nearby. A second geode vein can be found to the northeast. The entrance is across the water from these items and looks like a sewer outlet. There is a crimson nirnroot beside the gate.

Silent City Catacombs

The river entrance is through an unlocked grate. Beyond this is a partially flooded cave with stone steps leading out of the water on your right. There are two glowing mushrooms on the cave wall on your left and beyond these a geode vein. There is a doorway to the west that leads into a corridor with an unlocked chest ahead. Moving around the corner to the north, you will encounter a Falmer. It is standing by a T-junction with a closed gate ahead and a corridor to the west. Take care at the junction to avoid a pair of well-disguised pressure plates that trigger a slicer trap. The trap can be used to deal with a second Falmer that is lurking partway down this second corridor. The gate to the north isn't locked, all that is behind it is a lever (see notes). The second Falmer is standing by a caved-in corridor on the left with a single chaurus egg sac, and beyond the cave-in are a second pair of disguised pressure plates triggering a second slicer trap.

Inside the catacombs

The path then travels through the lower level of a two-leveled room. The upper level is not reachable from the lower level. There are two Falmer on the upper level that can snipe down on you if you are detected, an archer and a magic user. The first Falmer lurks on a stone bridge that connects two sections of the room overhead. The second is near the back of the room. This part of the corridor is full of shallow water, making sneaking even harder. At the end of the corridor, the path turns to the north and continues through a circular opening.

Beyond this is a room that doglegs to the left before exiting through another doorway into a room with metal grating for a floor and water beneath. A Falmer lurks just around the corner to the west. It is standing by a square hole in the grating where a sheet has fallen loose and dropped to the bottom. To the south of the opening is a single chaurus egg sac. Jump into the water to find three unlocked chests hidden below. To find the first chest, swim east as far as you can go and then turn south. The other two are located next to each other at the west end of the underwater area on the left. Exiting the water is simple due to the grating to the north of the hole having dropped slightly forming a ramp out. The path continues to the west on the far side of the gap before turning to the south.

Once you have turned south, the corridor exits the grated area and climbs a ramp to another room containing a Falmer. A hole knocked through the eastern wall in the corner leads to the upper level of the two-level room that you passed through earlier, where the two Falmer were. The magic-using Falmer carries a shaman's key. On your left is a flight of stairs leading to a bridge over the lower corridor and stairs back down on the other side. The far side has a geode vein on the ground beside the stairs and a bridge leading to a closed door to the south. On your right as you enter this room is a culvert coming out from a caved-in tunnel in the west wall before dropping onto the lower path. You can cross the culvert to reach the door.

Through the door is a large, open room with a raised section on your right. There can be up to three Falmer here: one on the raised section who is a magic user and carries a shaman key and two in the southwestern corner by some stairs leading up to the raised section. There is a door in the northwestern corner that leads to the Pumping Station.


  • Shortly after entering via the Blackreach river entrance (the one that looks like a sewer entrance), there is an unlocked gate with a lever behind it. Its only use is to move a slicer trap from one side of the hallway to the other, presumably so you can lure your enemies here and kill them.


Map of the Silent City Catacombs