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Skyrim:Reeking Tower

Skyrim: Places: Dwarven Ruins
Dwarven Ruin:
Reeking Tower
# of Zones 1
Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 18
Frostbite Spiders
Console Location Code(s)
Northern end of Blackreach
Reeking Tower

Reeking Tower is a Dwarven structure within Blackreach occupied by frostbite spiders. It is found along the north-northwest boundary of Blackreach, near spider nests and a quarry of geode veins.

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The path leading to the tower is to the northeast, or north of the geode quarry. It crosses a bridge over the valley containing several spider egg sacs and then circles the tower clock-wise, passing two crimson nirnroots, one by the southwest side of the tower and the other by the north side of the tower, with the entrance a couple of paces further on.

Reeking Tower

Upon entering there is a corridor rising and spiraling clock-wise. At the top of the second ramp there are several spider egg secs, one of which can be harvested, with several loose spider eggs on the ground. At the top of the next ramp is a frostbite spider and a harvestable egg sac. To the west is a doorway into a typical Dwemer wide corridor, with pillars along the edges and a ramp up to a T-junction. There is another frostbite spider at the T-junction. As you pass the doorway there is an egg sac in the corner to the north. There is a frostbite spider to the north up a ramp that ends at a cave in. The last frostbite spider inside the tower guards a lift that is down the west ramp on the left. Before taking the lift, walk to the west to find an unlocked chest concealed behind some webbing at another cave in.

The lift takes you to an otherwise inaccessible ledge high above the main cavern of Blackreach, west of the main entrance to the tower. There are two frostbite spiders on the ledge and a third that descends from the cavern ceiling. There are two spider egg sacs; one to the right as you leave the lift and the second around to the north where the ledge opens out and the spider descends. There is also a crimson nirnroot in the middle of the ledge. It is possible to climb down from the ledge without the use of Become Ethereal, to the right of the first egg sec, where you leave the lift being the easiest point. Obviously care must be taken.


  • It is possible to kill all three of the frostbite spiders at the top exterior of the tower before entering using a bow or ranged magic.