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Skyrim:Pumping Station

Skyrim: Places: Dwarven Ruins
Dwarven Ruin:
Pumping Station
# of Zones 1
Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 18
Falmer Servants
Console Location Code(s)
In Blackreach's city (western part of cave)
Pumping Station

Pumping Station is a small Dwarven ruin inside Blackreach containing Falmer Servants.

It is part of the Dwemer city located in the western part of Blackreach. There are no usable entrances to this building directly from the grounds of the city as the main entrance has been blocked by a cave-in both inside and out; entry must be made through either the Silent City Catacombs or the Debate Hall.

Pumping Station

The interior, viewed from the door to the Debate Hall

Entering the Pumping Station from the Silent City Catacombs brings you in from the west, at the bottom of a flight of stairs heading up to the east. At the top of the stairs there is a closed gate to the south. A Falmer Servant may come to investigate any noise. Through the gate, you enter a large, partially-demolished room containing a second Falmer Servant. To the south there is a cave-in that is blocking the exit to the grounds of the city. A flight of stairs in the northeast corner of the room leads up to a raised walkway that runs along the east side of the room. There is a matching walkway above where you enter, to the west, but no stairs lead up to this side; the only access is via a balcony to the north.

Through the door to the north is a small semicircular balcony that leads to the door that gives access to the western walkway inside the pumping station. At the southern end of the western walkway is a closed metal gate with an alcove containing an unlocked chest with a Dwemer cog leaning up against it. The southern door on the eastern walkway exits onto a bridge that links to the Debate Hall.