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Skyrim:Conteúdo do Pré-Lançamento

Skyrim(Redirecionado de Skyrim:Pre-Release Content)

This page highlights the Skyrim pre-release screenshots and videos that have been made available by Bethesda. Because this content was published before the game was released, the images may not reflect actual, in-game content. Concept Art is summarized on a separate article.


Skyrim-related videos that have been released by Bethesda include:

  • Debut Trailer (Dec. 11, 2010) — Gametrailers.com exclusive debut trailer, showing only concept art.
  • Skyrim - Official Trailer (Feb. 24, 2011) — Official game trailer, showing scenes ranging from life in a typical village to combat against a dragon.
  • 20 Minutes of Skyrim Action (Sept. 12, 2011) — Gameplay footage with a voiceover by Todd Howard, divided into three individual videos.
  • Skyrim Live Action Trailer (Oct. 24, 2011) — A one-minute-long live-action trailer.
    • Three screenshots from the video were also posted:

February 24 Screenshots

April 1 Screenshots

April 18 Screenshots

May 28 Screenshots

June 3 Screenshots

June 7 Screenshots

July Screenshots

August 9 Screenshot

Journalist Character Screenshots

Beginning on August 12, several gaming sites began releasing screenshots of the characters their journalists had created at the closed Skyrim demo from QuakeCon 2011.

August 24 Race Screenshots

October 7 Screenshots

October 17 Screenshots

October 20 Screenshots

November 6 Screenshots

Patch 1.6 Screenshots

Dawnguard Screenshots

Hearthfire Screenshots

Dragonborn Screenshots

Patch 1.9 Screenshots