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Value 2 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Stamina Restore Stamina
2nd Fortify Block Fortify Block
3rd Restore Magicka Restore Magicka
4th Resist Shock Resist Shock
# Samples 2
Merchant Avail. None (Uncommon)
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A pearl

Pearls, as well as small pearls, are only available as already-harvested samples in the original version of the game. The only shellfish found in Skyrim are clams, and unlike in previous games they do not produce pearls. However, if Dragonborn is installed, pearls and small pearls can be harvested in Solstheim from pearl oysters.


Guaranteed samples can be found in the following locations:

This ingredient is not in the VendorItemIngredient category that allows it to be traded by apothecary merchants (see bugs).

The only way to make this ingredient become available from apothecary merchants is to unlock the Merchant perk (requires level 50 Speech), at which point it is an "uncommon" ingredient.

The remaining way to obtain pearls is in random loot, but the chances of pearls appearing in any given location are generally small. The best bets are:


  • This ingredient cannot normally be bought from apothecary merchants, even though it should be available according to their merchandise leveled lists. It also cannot be sold to apothecary merchants; it can only be sold to general goods merchants.