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Skyrim:Moss Mother Cavern

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Este artigo é sobre the place. Para the quest, veja Moss Mother Cavern (quest).

Moss Mother Cavern
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# of Zones 1
Bears, Spriggans
Console Location Code(s)
MossMotherCavernExterior01, MossMotherCavernStart
Falkreath Hold
Northwest of Half-Moon Mill
Due North of Hunter's Rest
Moss Mother Cavern

Moss Mother Cavern is a small, open-roofed cavernous grove lush with multitudinal flora, located due north of Hunter's Rest and northwest of Half-Moon Mill.

You are often directed here by asking the innkeeper at Dead Man's Drink about rumors once you are level 16, She will inform you of a missing hunting party, which will initiate the quest to locate them.

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As you approach the cave for the first time, Valdr, a Nord bandit archer, beckons you to help him: "Hello? You! Over here! Please, I need help!" His hunting party chased a wounded bear sow into the cave, and were ambushed by spriggans. His companions Ari and Niels were not so lucky and can be found dead inside. Valdr requires immediate healing or he will die due to his injuries: "I may have lost a drop or two of blood. Truth is, I'm not going anywhere like this. Hurts to breathe." There are many plants and fungi that can be harvested near the entrance of the same types as found inside.

Moss Mother Cavern

Moss Mother Cavern interior

As its name suggests, there is a lot of hanging moss that can be harvested from the various ledges throughout the cave system. It is also a good spot to harvest the mora tapinella fungi which is usually only found growing sporadically on decaying logs. Other flora present inside the cave include various colors of mountain flowers, thistles, and imp stool, bleed crown, white cap and Namira's rot mushrooms.

The cave consists of two main areas linked by a sunken path; the second chamber contains a small interior pool. Opposite the entrance, on a ledge by a rock pillar is a spriggan with a bear just nearby. Ari's corpse is lying in front of the hunted Snow Bear, next to two bear traps. The cave continues to the east, following the path passing beneath a fallen tree that spans between the ledges. A hollow tree stump shortly before it contains some leveled loot.

On the left ledge, up behind the pillar is an iron ore vein. Using the fallen tree to cross to right ledge and heading back towards the exit brings you to an adept locked chest with an empty leveled soul gem in front of it.

As you continue along the path, there is another fallen tree on the left, with Niels' corpse in front, to the left of the pool. A nearby tree hides a second spriggan. To the east, near of rear of the second chamber, you'll find the last of the spriggans. There are more bear traps in this second chamber in deep undergrowth. At the end of the cave, a boss chest can be found, along with a leveled one-handed weapon, potion, and pair of boots. A random shield and two-handed weapon can be found lying at the bottom of the pool near a skeleton.