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Skyrim:Lund's Hut

Skyrim: Places: Shacks
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Lund's Hut
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# of Zones 1
Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 12
Console Location Code(s)
LundsHutExterior01, LundsHut01
Whiterun Hold
Northwest of Rorikstead
Special Features
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
Lund's Hut

Lund's Hut is a small house located just northwest of Rorikstead. To reach the hut take the road north west out of Rorikstead and follow it until you come to a dirt path on the left, follow that to the hut.



The house is a single story, fairly rundown building with a fenced off porch area at the front. There are four skeevers using a couple of moldy straw bales for bedding outside the house. Southeast of the house a few paces is a cairn with a lit candle and a silver ring (which may have fallen to the ground) on the edge and a basket containing three red apples and a loaf of bread on the ground. To the left of the house is a tree with two blue mountain flowers by the trunk. There are several thistles and more blue mountain flowers lining the path leading from the road to the house.

Plants Animals
2 Blue Mountain Flowers
4 Skeever

Lund's Hut

The house is unlocked and contains two more skeevers. The original owner, Lund lies dead in his bed, a single bed in the eastern corner of this one room hut. The place is a mess with clothes, furniture and food scattered around the room. There is an unlocked chest containing minor loot at the foot of his bed, an eidar cheese wedge in a cast iron pot under the bed and a blue dartwing right in the corner between the bed and the wall, under a basket. Beside the bed, against the southeast wall is an end table with a bottle of alto wine on top. Along the rest of the southeast wall is a sack and barrel of foodstuffs with a barrel of ingredients behind the first. In front of these is a low table with a mead barrel and two bottles of Honningbrew mead on top. To the right of the barrels, against the southwest wall is a long wooden table, under which are two pheasant breasts. On the table is a bottle of poison, a bottle of alto wine and several red apples.

To the right of the table is a wooden bench and a couple of chairs laying on their backs and various items of footwear and clothes underneath. To the right is a fireplace that is still lit, with a cooking pot and spit in front. On the mantelpiece is a blue butterfly wing. and in front of the hearth are three wooden bowls, two contain pheasant breasts and the other contains a chicken breast. In the western corner is another long wooden table and bench with a patch of imp stool fungus growing beside it and in the corner behind it are two more blue dartwings.

In the northern corner is an open crate containing a butterfly wing, a sample of giant lichen, a joint of raw beef and various items of clothing, with a second butterfly wing between the crate and the wall. Along the northeast wall is a set of shelves with three common books, with more on the floor in front. Between the shelves and the entrance is another wooden bench, with a bottle of wine and a portion of grilled leeks on top and a wall shelf above holding a bulb of garlic. Hanging from the ceiling above is a garlic braid and a bunch of dried frost mirriam.

Oddly, there is also a skeever head mounted above the fireplace.