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Lis (RefID: )
Location Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Species Frostbite Spider Soul
Level 1 Type Monsters
RefID BaseID
Other Information
Health 15 Magicka 4
Stamina 25
Faction(s) The Dark Brotherhood
Lis the Dark Brotherhood Spider

Lis is a friendly frostbite spider and a member of the Dark Brotherhood.

It lives in a pool near the alchemy lab in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, where Babette usually is. Attacking it counts as assaulting a guild member, and will cause the entire sanctuary to attack you.

Lis dies when the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary is torched by the Penitus Oculatus during Death Incarnate.


  • You do not have to kill Lis to complete the quest Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!.
    • During the quest Lis is often out of its pool and may attack you with other members of the sanctuary.
  • It's the only non-hostile frostbite spider ever found in the game.